mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Skincare review ~ Shills Black Gel deep sebum softener

Hi, honeybees!

So today I'm reviewing a product that I actually got yesterday, and that I was very excited to receive. I was just to lazy to write about it right away, even though I tried it as soon as I could! Anyway, here it is, the Shills Black Gel deep sebum softener. With the promises Shills make us about this product, it better be good, eh?!
'Deep cleanses surface dirt in pores, softens blackheads for easy removal.' Yeah? Let's see how it went.

This is Shills Black Gel

First, let's just mention how fast the product came by! I usually have to wait forever, but it was shipped on October 29th and I got it on November 6th, all the way from south Korea! I'm one luck girl. Anyway, instead of buying the full 30ml product, I bought a 10ml sample. The whole bottle was 14,00$ on Ebay, and the sample was 4,00$, so even if I bought the 3 (so it would give me the full 30ml, got it?!) I'm still a winner here. Alright, now the product itself comes in a small, plastic and very basic bottle. To open it, you have to cut off the round plastic safety seal. Nice way to make sure your product is hygienic! Plus ten points! The Black Gel is... well, it's a gel. It has gel consistency, and no particular smell. Very gel-like. Usually I like my beauty products to smell good but if the product works fine I couldn't give less *coo-coo* about the smell. Unfortunately, in this case... I like nothing. Let me explain.

Love that safety seal.

Cut it off!

Here is the gel on my skin - very watery

So I applied the product as Shills said to. Little massage for three minutes, wait for ten, and tada! You can even use a pore strip or a mask to help it. In my case, I tried both, nothing worked. Boo, Shills! I've heard a great deal about this baby and I was surprised to see that, for me, it didn't worked out - AT ALL. But (there is a 'but'!) I don't really have what you'd call a strawberry nose. I do have some clogged pores but nothing you can really see, and I wear makeup everyday, so yeah, it should be filled with it, but nay. I have a few pimples but my skin is more on the sensitive side. If you've got oily to very oily skin, it might be for you, cause I truly heard an amazing deal for Shills Black Gel. And at such a small price, 4 bucks for the 10ml sample, I'd suggest you try for yourself. I'll keep it for when I threat myself to a mask (I ordered Etude House - Blackhead sleeping paste today, I'll probably do a review and use the Black Gel before, see if it helps anyhow). Oh, and I had no hot sensation at all with the gel.

Final review ; If you've got a few black or white heads once in a while, you might wanna try out other products. I haven't tried Etude House's Pore brand or Skin Food's black egg products, but I'm planning on trying those as well, when I get a little extra money. If you've tried it and loved/hated it, please let me know! I'm curious to see how it works on other people skin and baby brother ain't gonna let me put it on his nose. (He's very big for a 17 years old, I'd rather not get in a fight with him about that, since he's twice as tall as I am, and twice as strong. How I miss being the 'big sister'!)

Hehe, take care sweeties!


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